Test series; test 2

Had studied for this test real hard; got decent marks; nothing very extra ordinary but definite improvement since first test.

The MiG crash as reported in Times of India

The below given is an excerpt from the Times of India; dated 2nd March 2007, about the MIG crash

"Tejas yet to take off, another pilot dies in MiG crash Rajat Pandit | TNN New Delhi:

The crash of yet another MiG-21 on Thursday, which left the pilot dead, has once again brought home the point that IAF pilots are being forced to fly such ageing jets since the indigenous ‘Tejas’ Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) is still nowhere near becoming operational. The IAF brass remains reluctant to criticise the much-delayed LCA project, sanctioned way back in 1983 to replace the country’s ageing MiG fighters, in public. But privately, officers are sceptical about whether they will receive a state-of-the-art Tejas even by 2011, as per the revised deadlines promised by Defence Research and Development Organisation, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and Aeronautical Development Agency. Stung by the delays and unsure whether Tejas will have cutting-edge capabilities when it becomes fully-operational, IAF has ordered only 20 LCA till now. IAF had initially projected a requirement of 200 Tejas, along with 20 trainers, to gradually phase out MiG-21s, which constitute over 45% of the combat fleet. Incidentally, the MiG-21 which crashed near Kurseong in West Bengal on Thursday killing Squadron Leader S S Pandey, was a ‘‘Type-77’’ variant. Along with Type-96 and Type-75 Bis, the Type-77 should have been phased out long ago but IAF continued to use these due to LCA project delay."

Yet another MIG crash


Another pilot lost his life in a MIG-21 crash; god knows when authorities will wake up to the alarm

Test series

Well the test series has begun in Aakash; test 1 was such a heart breaker; like i knew most of the questions in physics; jus didn't click; good ole excuses. But i will have to find fast why "click" doesn't happen when needed

the tool kit pic

isn't this image awesomely inspiring

Who am I

These is one of the type of questions i often ask myself; apart from purpose of creation; i live the life of a typical gemini; i can get from materialistic to spiritual in one moment; and vica versa in the next;

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